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The Assault on Reason
While you might think that I only obsess about things here in Dondequiera, rest assured, I torture all of my friends and family in the "real" world too. My latest demented device of torture is the future of journalism. Let's not mince words here, this is serious. Again from "The Assault on Reason" by Al Gore:

"The replacement of an easily accessible, print-based marketplace of ideas with a restricted access, television-based realm has lead to a radical transformation of the nature and operation of the marketplace of ideas in the United States."
With the decline and questionable future of newspapers, we are creating the opposite of what we need, which is, according to Gore,
"When the operations of a government are open to full examination by its citizens and subjected to vigorous discussion and debate, then the corrupt misuse of public power for private gain becomes more difficult to conceal. If the rule of reason is the standard by which every use of official power is evaluated, then even the most complex schemes to violate the public's trust can be uncovered and policed by well informed citizenry."
Increasingly, the Internet is becoming the only way we'll be able to establish the marketplace of ideas so desperately needed. Gore adds,
Fortunately, the Internet has the potential to revitalize the role played by the people in our constitutional framework. It has extremely low entry barriers for individuals. It is the most interactive medium in history and the one with the greatest potential for connecting individuals to one another and to a universe of knowledge. It's a platform for pursuing the truth, and the decentralized creation and distribution of ideas, in the same way that markets are a decentralized mechanism for the creation and distribution of goods and services. It's a platform, in other words, for reason.
Our good friend Gil The Jenius, has always tried to add his two cents into that marketplace, but he's started a new fountain of reason in Jenius Jots. Anyone who wants to take part in the market place of ideas that will shape our future, the future of our children, and grandchildren should add Jenius Jots to your daily reading list.

I believe this is exactly where the future of journalism and an informed citizenry is headed. For better or worse, we are reading less, and being entertained more. So to the extent we can crystallize into bite-sized morsels the ideas, news, and issues that should inspire people to pursue the truth, then I believe we should and I believe it will resemble Jenius Jots.


Gil C. Schmidt

12 de septiembre de 2008, 09:54
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Thank you! And here's another site We cankeep Our eye on, called "Puerto Rico: A Paradies Lost?"

Plenty to watch and discuss, Methinks...