Hope: The Status Quo Immunogen

Getting immunized against deadly status quoI've decided. I'm voting for Sponge Bob for Governor. No seriously! Ok, I'm giving him some serious consideration. Krabby Patties for everyone! No what I've decided is that I'm prematurely turning into a grumpy old man. There's just too many important issues that need to be solved to let the status quo win. So I've decided that all I'm going to blog about from now on is flowers, hearts, and oh yeah, let's not forget kittens.

Oh sure I still reserve the right to hug my cynicism close to me like a child's favorite blanket, but I'm turning over the status quo leaf. And what do you think I found there when I flipped it over. That's right I found slugs, all slimy and ewwwww. No what I found is hope.

There is always hope, imagine the worst possible situations and settings you can imagine, and for you cynics out there, it is most definitely not Puerto Rico (although, it's tempting to think so sometimes). Even in those circumstances, hope lives, hope survives, hope endures. So my fellow Puerto Ricans, if hope can persevere in Auschwitz, Darfur, and Washington DC, then hope can save us from the Status Quo. As long as we continue to hope for change, hope for peace, hope for unity, hope for equality, hope for a strong self-identity, then there exists the possibility for improvement. Hope is the immunization against giving in to the status quo.

I know this because I see it, time and time again. When I think I've reached the end of caring I come into contact with people like Gil the Jenius (Although you wouldn't think that from reading his blog, he really is about the most optimistic person I know), or Alicia and Trish from A Couple of Chicks Marketing. Their hope and optimism is contagious and you should expose yourself to as much of it as you can. It's kind of like the parent who exposes their child to mumps at an early age to immunize them against that disease as an adult; except by exposing yourself to hopeful and optimistic people you immunize yourself against the dread, anger, and frustration that comes from being around people lost to the status quo.

No matter how bitter it might be to swallow this pill, I believe that it is our only hope to make our lives better. When we weren't looking the world changed, and our relation to it must therefore change. Have you ever thought of how easy it is to change? This morning I woke up and decided to change. Just like that, I'm now a different person. Sure I'm naive, most optimists are. Of course, now the hard work begins. Changing our minds is easy, living that change is the challenge. And that my friends is the importance of hope, it is the antigen that helps us fend of frustration, disappointment, and finally giving in to the status quo.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Richard Franco