Easy GPS Tracking

LandAirSea Systems GPS Tracking KeyFirst, I'd like to thank LandAirSea Systems for sponsoring this review. Second, you know we love to play with maps here at DóndeEs.com, right? Well then, I have a question for all of you outdoor enthusiasts, "Have you ever wanted an easy way to track and share your adventures?" Well if you've been thinking about purchasing one of those hand held GPS (global positioning systems) devices, maybe you'd prefer a device that's a lot simpler to use. With the LandAirSea Systems GPS Tracking Key you simply put 2 AAA batteries in it, throw it into the bottom of your backpack and forget about it until you return home! This system is ready to go right out of the box, and better yet, there is no on/off switch to worry about. Once the batteries are in the unit, it’s ready to track.

If you are wondering how the GPS Tracking Key works, well it receives signals from satellites orbiting the earth. An internal computer accurately determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records detailed travel activities every second. Capable of recording a month's data of normal use, the device logs the following data:

  • Route Traveled
  • Speed
  • Direction/Orientation
  • Time En Route
  • Arrival Addresses
  • Duration of Stop
Once you get home, to download the data, you simply plug the device into your USB port. After you have copied the data onto your computer you can use software bundled with the GPS Tracking Key to view the data using Google Earth. Wouldn't it be amazing to follow your exact course from your last mountain biking trip while viewing satellite images from Google Earth? Or can you imagine the thrill of sharing your last hike in El Yunque National Forest with your friends? Just save your data from Google Earth to a .kml file and send them the file. When they open the file in Google Earth, they'll see your exact route through the rain forest. How cool is that?

If you want to start using GPS Tracking to enhance your outdoor adventures, then maybe the LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key is right for you. Capable of working anywhere in the world, the GPS Tracking Key has multiple uses. Whether you're kayaking (it's waterproof) in Luquillo, or training for your next 10K, it’s the most efficient method of monitoring time and mileage.