Another piece of the journalism puzzle?

Truthiness, the new art of spinningThere is something to this new post from Seth. What if we designed a new form of journalism which was essentially a feedback loop built right into it? What if someone were to act on Seth's idea:

I think there's a huge opportunity for a trusted media source that takes on spin from all quarters and throws it back in the face of the spinner. Show them video of themselves from last week and ask them to respond. Oh, I'm probably just being a hopeful idealist.
Of course, that's exactly what makes The Daily Show with Jon Stewart so successful. They have an extensive video archive and can quickly compile contradictory footage of someone like Dick Cheney saying that he never said something, and then playing a video where he actually does. Of course, it's great for laughs, but I think it's one of the reasons people, especially of the younger persuasion, are flocking to the Comedy Central "fake news" show for their real news fix. The Daily Show is one of the few, if not the only "news" show that is willing to call a liar, a liar; and to call spin what it really is, lying.

What I can't understand is how after years of The Daily Show pointing out these lies, public perception of the elected officials "caught" spinning hasn't significantly degraded. I guess, the whole Comedy Central banner makes these events seem untrue, hence Seth's call for a trusted media to do this. Seriously what has happened to mainstream journalism? When did they lose the balls to call a lie a lie?

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