Hey buddy, how about a little for the effort?

Hey buddy, why not click on a few ads?You probably know this already, but it bears repeating. Writing is hard work. Putting yourself on the line for everyone to take a swing at, like a piñata is hard. Researching the facts to support opinion is hard. Taking strong positions and defending them, is hard. Influencing people for a better tomorrow is hard.

If it's so hard why do so many people do it? Why do I do it? Well besides that we're all narcisists, many do it, blogging, to earn a few bucks. Oh sure, there's a million other reasons, but if there's Google Ads on the blog, then it means they want to be rewarded for their effort with a little spending change. Becuase, as you know, a content publisher only gets paid if someone click on the Google Ads.

Tip Jar or Getting What You Pay For

So before you go off on me for even suggesting this, blame Seth Godin. It was his observation, his idea, his brillance. So as the title suggests, if you like what you read here, if you take the time to give me your attention, would you consider giving some of that attention to some of the sponsors willing to pay me for heading over to their web page?

I'd like you to consider slowing down, reading through some of the Google Ads on this page, and if you are actually interested in one of the topics brought up in one of the ads, clicking on it. When your browser takes you over to the advertisers page, give a good scan and if there isn't anything that catches your eye, move on. Feel free to go back to what ever you were doing.

Now, not surprisingly, Seth's post, remember it was Seth's idea (Here's his rebuttal), this has ignited a bit of a pushback. Many call what we're recommending here click fraud. Well I totally disagree, otherwise I'd be writing the other type of response to his post, which calls Seth an ignoramus poo-poo head.

For me the trap that lays in wait within this issue is that Google Ads are "supposed" to be only clicked on when someone is absolutely and positively interested in the Ad and is motivated to learn more about what's on the other side of that click. This is supposed to be the "new" way of advertising, context sensitive, and driven only by user interest expressed in a click.

The other arugment is that you're tipping the content producer with some else's money, the advertisers. However, I suggest this is only slighly different then the existing advertising models we have. Let's take a television network as an example. They produce content and put it on the air. At this point that new content is an unknown and therefore the network is unable to charge high rates. However, if this content is successful and many people give their attention to the newtork, then the content producer can charge the advertiser more money.

Oh no, wait a minute that is not slightly different, that is completely different. Does it make any difference that between the mute button, DVR's and BitTorrent no one actually watches commericals anymore? Well, unless it's the Superbowl, but that's special.

Any way, take a minute and look the fine sponsors of Dondequiera, and if the spirit moves ya, go ahead and click on a few. I won't think any less of you if you like go crazy clicking, and I most definitively won't call you a click pirate.

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28 de agosto de 2008, 08:46
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Making adblock exception for this and other blogs/pages I enjoy starting NOW!

MC Don Dees

28 de agosto de 2008, 10:46
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Muchas Gracias.

I'm definitely going to do the same. I don't want Online Advertising to go the way of open source. Where everyone expects everything for free and rarely, if ever, expresses their appreciation by actually contributing or paying for something.