Destinia introduces English hotel search

hotel searchOne of these days, of course when Dó is a huge success, I'd like to go back to Spain to visit my wife's aunt in Córdaba. While the hotel we stayed at last time was in a great location, right across from the 'La Mezquita,' we left wishing that we had stayed someplace else. The problem was, before we booked our hotel, we didn't really know that much about Córdaba. I wish we would have had access to a resource like Note: The following is a paid review.

Destinia introduces in English market

Destinia is a Spanish online travel agency that is now introducing it's services for the English language market. With Destinia, travelers can search hotels within a catalog of more than 150.000 hotels in countries all over the world. In addition, the site provides searches for activities, beaches, car rentals, and flights.

Probably the best way to search for hotels is to use their wide selection of travel guides. This way simplifies the search by guiding you through selecting the continent, country, region and place and then choosing the hotel that most interests you. The other option is by using the hotel search engine, where you can enter your destination, the arrival and departure dates, the number of people traveling with you and rooms required. This will do an availability search and will offer up a list of the the best hotel deals.

I'm not sure when we'll be able to go back, hopefully soon, but I do know one thing. When we start our planning, I know we'll use to do our hotel research and probably make our reservations.