Complicity - 10 ways Puerto Ricans are complicit in our destruction

10 ways Puerto Ricans are complicit in our destructionFor those of you not stuck in a matrix of denial, comfort, excess, bribery, hypocrisy, or oblivion, I present to you a list of the top ten ways Puerto Ricans are negatively impacting the country with their complicity:

  1. Our favorite places to shop (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, etc.) are exactly the businesses bankrupting the local Puerto Rican merchant.
  2. We reward politicians who flaunt their privilege in our faces by repeatedly voting them into office.
  3. We wail and gnash our teeth at our weak economy, but our zero sum mentality places against each other instead of us all working together to compete in a global market.
  4. We decry the corruption within all corridors of power within our government, and then commit (or permit) embezzlement in our local community "juntas", yet see these as different. There are different in magnitude only.
  5. We return to a restaurant or service center because it is the only option, or because it is the most convenient, or it is the one all of your friends use, but the establishment consistently treats you like crap or forces you to wait too long.
  6. We allow our friends to pressure us into buying a Beemer or Mercedes, the latest Gucci handbags, or gadget and then rail against how material our children are and how they do nothing but plead for us to buy them more crap they don't need.
  7. We ignore our children most of the time, we give them nearly free reign to disrupt, destroy, or inconvenience, yet wonder why they have disciplinary problems in schools or poor grades.
  8. We bash the Americanos, the Gringos, the Federalistas and then worship the movies they make, the clothes they sell, the sports teams they televise, the websites they make, the culture they create, the brands they promote, the celebrities they export. and we send our children to study at their universities.
  9. We attend a movie which is consistently disrupted by people talking or answering their cellulars, go away dis-satisfied, disgruntled, and complaining, then explain it away as well that's just "the way we are" (asi como somos).
  10. We accuse our spouses or novios of infidelity, we cry over the devastation within families suffering through divorces caused by infidelity, we decry the AIDS infection rate, yet promote, support with our dollars, and look the other way to an industry whose sole purpose is to permit secret sex (motels).
Again I thank Seth Godin for reminding me once again that our dollars are votes, our behavior grants approval, our complicity perpetuates all of the problems that plague our society. I guess Michael Jackson was right, it's the man (woman) in the mirror we need to change before we can ever expect to make any progress. Just say no to complicity, resist the status quo, and don't give anyone (indirect or direct) permission to continue to do what you yourself despise, complain, or decry.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Jean-François Chénier


Speaking Boricua

7 de agosto de 2008, 20:02
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Great post.

You did, however, forget fast food--and fried food. That's a big one.