Puerto Rico loves Star Wars

Stay with me here, because it's about to get crazy. No, for real. I'm really sorry that I didn't get to this earlier but two short films made in Puerto Rico were among the finalists in the 2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Competition at Atom.com. No, Atom.com isn't a rip-off of YouTube, it's actually one of the sites YouTube ripped off and then got bought for $1.7 billion. Sucks to be the creators of Atom.com and iFilm.com (now spike.com). Weird right?

Anyway, in this first film, by Javier Bonet, entitled "Trails of a Sith" we find a fantasy battle between Darth Maul and Darth Vader. Filmed in the jungles of Arecibo, the film also features Jorge R. Valenzula and Gabriel Cruz.

I mention that I'm late to blog about this, that's because the voting for the competition ended yesterday. So I hope the film does well in the voting. According to the 72% "thumbs up" rating, it looks like fans liked it. I thought it was very original and between the make-up, the special effects, and the great storyline, I'd say it has a pretty good chance. Congratulations to everyone involved. Enjoy!