Puerto Rico loves Star Wars II

Puerto Rico loves Star Wars IIThe next short film in the 2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Competition at Atom.com is "Nerf & Herder in Using the Force" by Reynaldo León. This funny little short film finds our protagonists Nerf and Herder kicking back and watching Episode 5, "The Empire Strikes Back" (of course masterfully rendered in cartoon form) when they realize the remote control is out of reach. They try to use "the force" to pull the remote to them, but they end up with an surprise instead.

This is the second time that León has participated in the Star Wars Fan Movie Competition. In 2003 he received an honorable mention in the comedy category for his short film "Spoiler Wars." Those of you who are fans of the Club Sunshine on Wapa might already be familiar with León's work because he is responsible for the "Sunshine Toons" feature on the show. I think León is an extremely talented animator. Both of his short films are funny and very well drawn. I think you'll enjoy them both! May the schwartz be with you!