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Online Revealed CaribbeanHave you ever wondered what it would do to our economy if airline tickets became too expensive for the majority of tourists? Will virtual tourism replace it? Maybe Second Life would become the preferred way to travel. Or even more plausible, maybe Cisco Systems would invent a variation of their incredible Telepresence system that would allow virtual tourists to visit Puerto Rico from the cheap and safe confines of a local Telepresence center?

Did you know?

In a recent presentation by John Chambers, CEO for Cisco Systems, Inc., mentioned that Cisco's TelePresence virtual conferencing system was a key component to their strategy. Chambers says the conferencing system has saved Cisco $180 million in travel expenses in the past year. Additionally, Chambers says he interfaced with twice as many customers but traveled 50% less.

Inaugural Internet Marketing Strategy Conference - Online Revealed Caribbean

Fortunately for us, the oil crisis hasn't reached such a drastic point, but it should be clear to everyone in the local tourism industry that competition for tourism dollars will get increasingly more difficult. If you ask ole Don Dees (hammer), I'll tell you that this problem (nail) sure looks like it needs an Internet-based solution.

So the recently announced Online Revealed Caribbean conference should hold immense value as Puerto Rico prepares for the heightened competition to come. Online Revealed Caribbean comes to Puerto Rico this September 17-19, 2008 at the Caribe Hilton. Travel industry professionals can register for the two day one of a kind opportunity at and take advantage of the early bird registration fee of only $299, until August 15th.

Attendees of the first ever Online Revealed Caribbean Conference will hear straight talk about how to reach customers directly through tactics like Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising, Online PR, Social Media Marketing and more. Content will include real case studies of how Wish you were here? Flamenco Beach, Culebra Puerto Ricodestinations have been successful in driving traffic to their websites and realizing revenues that are trackable back to online marketing initiatives, along with practical application workshops covering how to get started with website development, web marketing, measuring online success, and more.

In the conference you'll learn how to (detailed agenda):

  • Optimize a website to be found in search engines - above the competition (Did you know? Three-fifths of online travel shoppers cite search engines as resources to research their vacations, source:PhoCusWright)
  • Maximize what your Destination Marketing Organizations can do to help your web presence
  • How to build your online reputation through Online PR
  • Going beyond Tripadvisor! Learn what you can do to become a part of the conversations about your brand online
  • Analyze your best performing sources of online business and how to maximize each channel
  • Hear case studies of successful online marketing within the Caribbean travel area and beyond to other destinations who have had success driving traffic to purchase travel online
  • Network with industry professionals and technology experts in a interactive and fun environment.
Real People, Real Solutions, Real Caribbean!

Did you know? When online travel shoppers move from searching to travel planning, they usually begin at an online travel website (54 percent), source: Nielsen//NetRatings.

Who is Online Revealed? With three successful annual conferences in Canada reaching over 800 tourism professionals, presenting over 46 workshops and featuring innovative local and international tourism professionals and technology providers who together connect the dots and bring clarity to marketing tourism products online. Online Revealed recognizes the unique opportunity that the 24 countries within the Caribbean travel market have to reach the millions who are directly searching and buying travel online.

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