Boston Concert Update - Living the Dream

Tommy DeCarlo with Band BostonWell I still haven't been able to find any concert reviews yet, but I did find one place that does have quite a lot of feedback, and from the sounds of it, the tour is going very well, especially for Tommy DeCarlo. You're like who, right?

This is an amazing story that you HAVE to check out. Briefly, after the death of Brad Delp, a Boston fan wanted to demonstrate how much Delp and the band Boston's music had meant to him. After some encouragement by his children, the fan recorded himself singing along with some Boston songs, Karaoke style. He then uploaded the recordings to his MySpace page and then continued on with his regular routine of working for Home Depot.

He later gets a call, which changes his life forever. It seems that Tom Scholz somehow found the recordings and was extremely impressed and sort of freaked out. He couldn't believe how similar Tommy sounded to the recently deceased Delp. So Scholz invited Tommy up to Boston to sing along with the band. After hearing Tommy perform with the band, he was invited to perform live with them in a tribute to Delp. Well, the rest, as the say, is rock and roll history. Everyone was reeling from how close Tommy sounded to Delp, with many fans saying that he sounded exactly the same, including Scholz. So he invited Tommy to tour with the band this summer.

For Tommy DeCarlo it has become much "More than a Feeling," it became a dream come true. For not only was he living the life of a rock and roll singer, he was doing it with his favorite band as well. How's that for Rock and Roll Magic?

Boston Concert Update

So, as I said, the only place I've found with any sort of feedback is on Tommy DeCarlo's MySpace Page. There you'll not only be able to hear his original tribute songs, but you can catch the latest comments from his new fans.

I only wish a little bit of that magic would strike here in Puerto Rico, as ticket sales seem to be slow for their August 31st concert at Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot. A quick check of the tickets at TicketPop still has excellent tickets available in all sections. I'm sure sales will pick-up as the data nears, but if you want to witness magic, you get your tickets now. Closer is always better, when it comes to rock and roll shows.