5 New Rules for Internet Marketing in Puerto Rico

5 New Rules for Internet Marketing in Puerto RicoSometimes it seems like the only thing more prevalent than pornography on the Internet, is web sites that want to help you make money with your web site. While these sites can be very annoying and pushy about their products and services, some times thar's gold in them thar web sites.

As I mentioned previously, I was searching for rules for Internet Marketing and let me tell you, I found a lot of pyrite, but I finally struck gold when I found Nach Maravilla's rules. He is the CEO and Publisher of PowerHomebiz.com. His five rules for Internet Marketing I believe would work wonders for a lot of brands in Puerto Rico. I'll leave it up to you to read his explanations, but his rules are:

  1. Understand that everything starts with content.
  2. Be persistent.
  3. Use different techniques.
  4. Track and measure your results.
  5. Learn, learn, and learn.
Sound advice, any way you look at them.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: gluemoon