20 Business Blogs for Puerto Rico

I just came across an interesting web site, it's focused on using word of mouth advertising to push specific products. In their latest campaign, they are pushing a new book by the founder of the web site. The book is called 'A Word of Mouth Manual, Vol. II' and it is written by by Dave Balter.

  1. 37 Signals - Signal vs Noise, Jason Fried
  2. 800-CEO-READ Blog, Todd Sattersten
  3. Brand Autopsy, John Moore
  4. ChrisBrogan.com, Chris Brogan
  5. Church of the Customer, Jackie Huba
  6. Culture Buzz, Emmanuel Vivier
  7. Digital Influence Mapping Project, John Bell
  8. Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch
  9. Flybridge Ventures, Jeff Bussgang
  10. Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog, Greg Verdino
  11. How to Change the World, Guy Kawasaki
  12. Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava
  13. HBSP : Game Changer, Bill Taylor
  14. SHIFT PR, Todd Defren
  15. Seth's Blog, Seth Godin
  16. The Social Customer Manifesto, Christopher Carfi
  17. tompeters!, Tom Peters
  18. Trend Hunter, Jeremy Gutsche
  19. Six Pixels of Separation, Mitch Joel
  20. What's Next in Marketing, Mitch Caplan
  21. Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra (I just had to through this one in, it has such great information I'd be ashamed to leave it out.)
What's the web site? Oh yeah, it's called BzzAgent.com. If you want to learn about word of mouth marketing, then you can start by downloading the PDF of the book for free, starting at this page. You'll have to visit one of the 20 blogs to get access to the PDF, but if you're already convinced, you can pop over to Amazon and buy a limited edition print copy.

Between the 20 blogs listed and the 'A Word of Mouth Manual, Vol. 2', you've got a lot of reading to catch up on. I'll wait here until you're finished.




I looks like I have got to keep working even harder on my Business Coaching blog to make lists like this.

Oh well maybe next year.