Unprecedented Increase from AEE

The Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica has announced an unprecedented 22% increase in the cost of the always mysterious combustible component of your power bill. To edefend the raise, Executive Director Jorge Rodríguez cited the obvious reason of rising petroleum

Talk about timing. I probably wouldn't have mentioned anything, but I just thought I'd say "I told you!" I guess your old pal Don Dees isn't so crazy after all, with all his "the sky is falling" and soap-box "The end is near" ranting over the weekend.

While the ten suggestions I gave are going to be a good start, there has to be more we as citizens can do to combat this worrisome trend. I'll have to do some thinking and research, but I'll get back to you. However, if any of you have any suggestion, leave a comment and I'll compile them together and share them with everyone.



19 de agosto de 2008, 17:17
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My wife just got a fine that she has to pay of $5,000.00 or they will be no electricity to the house she is renting, This is nothing short of terrorism this people have no compation for anyone. The more reason why this AUTORITY should be ban and turn to the private sector like we did with thr Puerto Rico Telephone Company. They are in power and have the power to do what they want. Lets put and end to hos PLEASE!!!