SoFo Culinary Fest 2008

SoFo Culinary Fest 2008For those of you heading down to the SoFo Culinary Festival 2008, we've got a new interactive map to help you plan your culinary route before you get there.

We've started working with CODEVISA, and should be making some pretty exciting announcements with them soon. As a start, we've created this new interactive map. It contains the relative location of all of the restaurants participating in the festival.

What's so special at the SoFo Culinary Fest 2008?

Well, Sofo is a super 'fest' held since 2004 in summer and in late November. It is estimated that nearly 120 thousand people attend each edition of the culinary festival, says Marisol Dieppa, director of CODEVISA, a non-profit organization that promotes economic development in Old San Juan where they operate nearly 80 restaurants, from small cafes to 'fine dining'.

What's to eat?

Well, to start there will be five thousand fresh oysters which have been brought in from Japan, as well as hundreds of crocodile chicharrones. In addition there will be German sausages, zarzuelas, ceviches, risotto, roasted Turks, paellas, lo mein, arañitas, hummus, and snails.

And that's just a sample, which is exactly what most of the chefs will be preparing. Almost all of the participating restaurants will be giving away mini portions of their star dishes and new cocktails on the street in front of their premises.

And to drink?

You'll be able to choose from a Blue Cheese Martini (Tantra), Sake Martini (J Taste), Mojito enamorao (Raíces), Peach Mojito (The Parrot Club), Pineapple Mojito (Fratelli)... Blue Cheese Martini (Tantra), Sake Martini (J Taste), Mojito enamorao (Estate), Peach Mojito (The Parrot Club), or a Pineapple Mojito (Fratelli). The 'mojito' is definitely the new 'in' cocktail, and SoFo will be the place where bartenders will be launching new drinks created just for SoFo.

What else?

Well you should know that the Teatro Tapia will serve as you central source for information when you arrive. If you have any questions, that's where to head. There will be nine stages spread out along the "Culinary Route". Two will be in Plaza Colon, three along Forteleza street, three along Recinto Sur, and one in Plaza Arturo Somohano. Finally, parking will be available in Estacionamiento Covadonga, Estacionamiento de la Puntilla, Estacionamiento Doña Fela, and Estacionamiento Paseo Portuario.



9 de junio de 2008, 22:00
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This years event was worse than last years. Emilio & co. will have to go back to the drawing board & come up with something ORIGINAL.