Review: Nobox Firefox 3 Victory Party

Nobox Firefox 3 Victory Party...And this just in. We are receiving reports that robots stormed Telemundo last night. If you're just now waking up. Here's what we know so far. Around 8:00 pm last night local Firefox enthusiasts begin to gather at the Telemundo studios. Lured there by the promise of music, giveaways and an exchange of ideas, the crowd was caught off guard, according to one survivor.

Don Dees, one of the surviving attendees recalled the surprise attack: "We were all just laughing, standing around enjoying our free Medalla Light beers, when the explosions started, and then it was like total chaos." According to eyewitnesses, the attack started later in the evening after numerous cases of beer had been consumed and many snacks were eaten.

Following the first wave of attacks, the real destruction began. "They were giving away stuff right and left, poster bombs, t-shirt missiles, and even computer bunker busters. The second attack by the robot armies was a nightmare. The devestation was almost unbearable," shared Don Dees through bleary eyes and hoarse throat.

Then, without any explanation or reason, after the second attack, the robots just disappeared. With all of the coolers empty, the people begin to wobbly leave the destoryed Telemundo building and find their cars amongst the rubble. In the end there were luckily no causilties, however, several attendees suffered bruised egos and those that missed out on all the give-aways were jealous of the partiers walking out with their hands full of swag.

"We don't know where the robots came from, or where they bolted off to, but we're glad to have survived the event," said a weary Don Dees. Who were these maniacal robots? Where did they come from? This experience has raised more questiions that demand to be answered. Who sent these twisted robots? And will they ever return? For this intrepid reporter, he longs for another opportunity to encounter these diabolical robots, the sooner the better...

In all seriousness, I want to congratulate Mozilla and NoBox for throwing a very cool party. As I stare at my exclusive 'Gran Paradiso' poster, I want to thank everyone, especially host Wilton Vargas from and the 'Guru' from NoBox; great party guys. I want to give a special shout out to my old buddies PJ, Cesar, and Lenny. It was almost like OSCON '05, good times, and once again it looked like we all had a great time. Sweet!