Puerto Rico Web Entrepreneurs Blog

Well, it's not like we didn't know that it was going to be tough when we started DóndeEs.com. Some might have even said, "a web startup in Puerto Rico?" Good luck with that. However, just like a rebellious teenager who disregards all counsel and seems determined to make their own mistakes, we plunged into the world of high-tech entrepreneurialism, ignorant of what we were really starting.

As we near the second anniversary of the launch of the original web site, we, I think, are finally understanding the reality of what we have gotten ourselves into. So it's a pity that we didn't think of this earlier, but we still think it is going to be of value for those who are insane enough to follow.

What did we think of? Well, we decided to start the "Puerto Rico Web Entrepreneurs Blog (PRWeb)." Besides giving us a place to vent our continued frustrations, its purpose is to give other entrepreneurs a "look-inside" our effort to turn our blood, sweat, and tears into a successful web start-up. To the extent we can share what is really happening within the company, we will. Of course, the names will be changed to protect the innocent, or guilty if that's the case.

As I have mentioned before, one of the underlying goals of everything we produce is to prove everyone wrong and become a successful web company. Success can take many forms, there is, of course, financial success, and don't get me wrong we do want that kind of success. However, just as important as financial success, we also want to pave the way for other companies to follow along after us. We want many other web companies to become successful, and not just as life-style businesses, but as true high growth start-ups.

So we started the "Puerto Rico Web Entrepreneurs Blog" to pass along the hard won lessons we had to suffer through, with the hopes that others won't have to face the same problems.

We did one thing a little different with this blog. We are using a new service called Twitter, which is all the rage on the rest of the Internet. If you haven't heard about, it's being called the next greatest thing (we've heard that one before right?). Anyway it's a micro-blogging site that not only allows publishing using RSS, but if you want to, you can follow along through text messaging. To learn more about Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS you can visit my Twitter home page here. You can also sign-up with Twitter (it's free) and start receiving PRWeb through your cellular phone.

Since it's RSS we are republishing PRWeb here on Dondequiera, it's in the middle column, just after the links section. It's also available through the DondeEs.com Faebook Page in the Blog RSS Feed Reader application.

We dedicate PRWeb to all web entrepreneurs today, and those that will follow. Stop. Learn. Ask. Think. Share Ideas. Enjoy!

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Randy Son Of Robert