Please don't give in to the status quo

Occasionally you'll find something on the web, which resonates with you and your situation so much, it's freaky. Well, that's how I started out my morning. I just happened to take a peak at Seth Godin's Blog and got really freaked out.

In his latest post he asks "Is it worthy?" He goes on to describe different scenarios, and concludes each one by posing the question, "Is my effort, consistent with everything I've invested, been afforded, and/or is at stake? For example, he asks:

"Is cutting corners to make a buck appropriate when you consider what you could have done? What would someone with a bigger vision have done instead?"
I encourage you to read his post and consider how many different ways this question is perfect for what we are facing in Puerto Rico. For it is so very easy to blame the gas crisis, or the government, or the politicians, but let me assure you, there is plenty of blame to go around. So much so, we may have more blame than we can throw around.

However, ironically, it may be that we are still not failing enough. The distinction is what we are failing at. As Seth concludes:
"The object isn’t to be perfect. The goal isn’t to hold back until you’ve created something beyond reproach. I believe the opposite is true. Our birthright is to fail and to fail often, but to fail in search of something bigger than we can imagine. To do anything else is to waste it all"
I think Seth nails it right on the head of the problem, when he says we take too much for granted. For far too long, we have taken for granted that our island's beauty, our economy, our future is set, unchangeable, should I even go so far as to say guaranteed. We became hypnotized by that false assurance, and now find ourself facing so many fundamental problems, so many special and conflicting interests, such a lack of vision in our leaders that we are nearly paralyzed.

And let me tell you, there is nothing more disruptive and de-motivating than to live/work/attend school/volunteer/attend church beside people who have surrendered to the paralysis and feel powerless. It's contagious, infectious, it seeps into our thinking, or judgment, our attitudes, and our ability to help ourselves. So ultimately you end feeling helpless as well, and then stop trying, stop caring, and accept the status quo. That my friends, is the single biggest problem we face; please don't give in to the status quo.


solo joe

18 de junio de 2008, 08:18
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todo tiene que cambiar,nunca nada es para siempre; puerto rico, estados unidos, europa, america... todo cambia.

MC Don Dees

18 de junio de 2008, 09:02
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You've got an excellent point. And I really appreciate you commenting. As Diogenes Laertius said in 'From Lives of the Philosophers', "Change is the only constant." So I'm totally convinced that you are right, change will come.

My only concern is that people believe that a change (for the better) will come, but never actually DO anything to make that change happen.

Six years ago I remember discussing the idea of a web site that hoped to improve customer service in Puerto Rico. The extremely affluent businessman to whom I was talking said not to worry, that customer service would get better. It hasn't! It's worse, because we accept the status quo. is dedicated to rupture the status quo, part of our web site is hoping to change the state of customer service; the rating system.

Does that help explain better what I'm trying to say?

And since I started with the whole quote thing my sentiment is summarized in these two quotes, when combined represent the danger.

First a common expression is "The more things change the more they stay the same".

And the second one, which is one of my favorites, is attributed to Albert Einstein, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

P.S. For more on change: