New Facebook Page - Win Islander Tickets

Annuoncing Dó on FacebookIt's been pretty hectic here lately. What with the contest going on and everything, so it's pretty crazy, but we wanted to setup a new page using the relatively new Facebook Pages.

Launched back in November of 2007, Facebook Pages allows you to create a business presence to engage with your customers and fans on Facebook. Facebook Pages work almost exactly like a regular user profile. The only difference is you become a fan of a Facebook Page instead of friends. Users interact with Facebook Pages exactly as they are accustomed to, so they don't need to learn anything new; plus their actions are, now, automatically generated into social stories. In addition as an owner of a page you can add applications, expanding on where groups leave off.

As I've mentioned before, and many on the island agree, Facebook is going to be one of the most important media channels over the next five to ten years. Currently with nearly 420,000 Facebook users in the San Juan, Puerto Rico network, behind the El Nuevo Dia (including and local television, there is no other media channel that comes near.

So you'll be seeing more and more investment from Dó in this new treasure trove of word of mouth marketing. Our Facebook Page is just the next step. Of course we've been on Facebook for quite a while now. We were the first local company to launch a Facebook application with Eventos PR. We also have a group, but will probably phasing it out. There is no need to have a group and a page. So Facebook Pages are the new groups.

Expanding Puerto Rico Islander Ticket Contest

So to celebrate the launch of the new Dó Facebook Page, we're going to extend the Puerto Rico Islander ticket contest onto Facebook. If you become a fan of Dó before 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, you'll qualify to win two tickets to Thursday's game. It's just that simple.