Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Primary in Puerto Rico

Hillary Clinton Wins Puerto RicoWith 15% of the precincts already reporting, Hillary Clinton is projected to win the historic Democratic primary in Puerto Rico. Leading by more than a two to one advantage, Clinton will win the majority of the 55 delegates available in Puerto Rico.

Of course the Clinton campaign is hoping that she will win the primary with more than 65% and that the turnout will exceed 2 million voters. While the final tally could exceed 65%, the Puerto Rico turn out will not be anywhere near that high. First because local election officials have admitted that they only printed 1.5 million ballots. And second, most estimates expect between 325,000 and half a million votes cast.

When I stopped by to vote this afternoon, there was hardly anyone. In the 14 years I've been here this was the least crowded I've seen a voting station. Even the poor turn-out for the past two New Progressive Party primaries or the vote for One Chamber weren't this small. So I'd put the turn out towards the lower end of the estimate, maybe somewhere around 325,000.

I, for one, will be glad to see the spotlight of the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary quickly slide into the history books. I think it's done nothing but stir up a lot of dust which I hope will be swept away as rapidly as possible. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to have a say in the Democratic candidate election process, but it's raised up the same old issues of status, self-determination, colonialism, and anti-Federal sentiments.

As I've mentioned before
, even after all of the analysis, opinion, resentment, and criticism that has been heard, seen, and read leading up to this historic vote, none of it addresses the extreme complexity of the status issue and I, for one, am tired of hearing simplistic pronouncements about how to solve it. Furthermore, I believe that there is such a powerful "illusion" that surrounds Puerto Rico's status, that it prevents anyone from speaking about or addressing the "reality" of the situation. Which is a mixture of pointless nationalism, hypocrisy, and lies.

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