First Graphic Desgn Tournament - Comando-S

Corporate Alphabet, Comando-S asks how many do u know?There are many anonymous designers, who labor diligently behind the scenes and never receive the recognition they deserve for their ceativity and ability. That is, until now. Comando-S is a tourney that provides a forum of expression which pits graphic designers against each other in a head to head competition of passion, production, and perspiration. While increasing their self-esteem, the tourney gives exposure to the participant's outstanding graphic design.

How does Comando-S work?

First of all, each round is only 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes the graphic designer must come up with an idea for the theme provided in that round of the competition. Each designer is provided an Apple Macintosh loaded with Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign. In addition, they are given images, fonts and applications to support the theme. While there is no need to use all of the elements provided, the designers can use ONLY the items delivered by the organizers. All the pieces have to be started and completed during the fifteen minutes, and most important of all, the pieces must be saved, otherwise the participant is disqualified.

The preliminary elimination rounds will begin in August and will last until March 2009, where the finalists will do battle at Grafica 2009. The finals will be a merger of art, music, lights, giant screens, adrenaline and youth. The finalists will face-off on a stage surrounded by a confusing bombardment of adrenaline, creativity, fury and passion.

How to sign-up for Comando-S?

Registration is currently open and will stay open util July 31st. To register send your personal data and copies of graphic works to either or For more information you can call 787-998-4265.

If you think you're ready to duel in a winner takes all tournament, where only the bravest creatives survive, sign up now. I dare you!

The tourney is open to anyone with the skills and abilities to produce using the tools provided. All you have to do is send in your registration with the necessary samples.

Why participate in Comando-S?

Well besides the obvious reason of humiliating your opponents in front of their friends and family, the tourney offers some chilin prizes. Assorted prizes include Apple laptops, Epson printers, and if you have the right chops, maybe even the chance to design a can for Coca Cola. Can you imagine the bragging rights you'll have when your design is held in the hand of hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans!

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Kate_A