Firefox 3 Released, So Let's Party

Nobox Firefox 3 Victory PartyThis week marked the release of the next version of Mozilla's insanely popular Firefox browser. To commemorate the historic event, Mozilla organized a Guinness World Record attempt. The goal was to have 8 million people download the new release within a 24 hour period.

While the servers they were using to host the downloads burned white hot, and the downloads sputtered, they were able to reach their goal. I should know I was there when it happened. Your's truly, was one of the lucky 8 million to download Firefox 3 first, and here's my certificate to prove it.

If you're not using Firefox, you should. It's really the only way to browse the Internet. If you're still using Firefox 2.x, then I'd definitely recommend upgrading as soon as possible. The touted memory management and speed improvements seem to be working. Ever since installing Firefox 3, I'd say my browsing is a little more snappy.

Nobox Firefox 3 Victory Party

And as if just having Firefox 3 installed and improving my browsing already wasn't enough, I just learned that NoBox Marketing Group is hosting a Firefox 3 Victory Party tomorrow, Saturday 21st. The party has an open invitation, so if you love Firefox as much as dear old Don Dees does, then I guess I'll be seeing you there. The Mozilla Party website has more details on the NoBox gig, so head over there to get the time and location of the party.

I'd recommend also checking out NoBox's news section on their website to get some inside information about the party. It's pretty cool that little old NoBox from Puerto Rico provides such fantastic work to one of the icons in Open Source Software and the Internet. We wish them continued success, especially their recent expansion to Miami.