Events and You

It's all about you!In the past when I asked readers of Dondequiera what they most appreciated about the blog, they responded with information about events. And obviously, the superb writing, and charming wit. ¡Claro! I know, shut-up and tell us about more events.

Reader CO2nut left a comment recently and asked why all of the events seem to happen on the same weekend. Since I follow the news and announcements looking for interesting events to pass along, I had noticed the same thing. Quick answer, I'm not really sure why that is, probably just coincidence.

However, one thing I do know is that I would have a lot more to choose from if I had some participation from YOU. Believe it or not, that's mainly what this blog is all about, trying to inform everyone about all the cool stuff that happens in Puerto Rico. So it would be a great help if you would send in links and information concerning events. The information could be for events in your church, school, business, or any organization you are affiliated with. Or it could be information about popular events that happen in your area. I especially would like to share more information for events on the west-end of Puerto Rico.

If you can send me the information to info at dondees dot com, or just leave a comment on a blog entry, and, if possible, be sure to include a link. I'll be sure to give credit, where credit is due. Think of this as your 21st century community events newsletter, with a twist of course.

Also a quick word about how I choose what to post. Well first off, I love anything to do with music, art, nature, the environment, fine dining, and helping to promote local sports. That's a pretty broad range of topics, so what's the magic formula for what eventually gets posted. I have to confess, it's mostly on whim. Sort of whatever I feel like on any given day, but what I try to do is cover all of those areas, while focusing on the new or unique. I also try to give as much lead time before events as possible. In my opinion, many events get announced too late (i.e., too close to the date of the event). That typically leaves too little time to make good choices about how to spend your time. So if possible, I like to give at least a weeks notice, that is unless I think something is too special not to announce.

Finally, I mostly like to cover events which take place in locations that are in our directory. Another one of the missions of this blog is to provide information to help people actually find events, reliably. With soaring gas prices, you can't afford to waste gasoline (read $$$) hunting down where an event is. So I prefer to blog about events where I know I can help YOU arrive reliably. Of course, if you know about a really cool event that is taking place in a location that is not in our directory, by all means, you can add it using our "Add your business form."

Yes, I know it's corny, but I want to take time again to thank you for reading Dondequiera. Let's work together to make it better, because as you already know. It's all about YOU!

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