Did you know? Puerto Rico Energy Trivia

Puerto Rico Energy TriviaHere are a few shocking facts that are shared in the "Coge Pon por al Ambiente" campaign:

  • Puerto Rico has more automobiles than people with a license to drive:
    • 3.3 million vehicles registered
    • 2.3 million people with a license to drive

    Source: Departamento de Transportacioón y Obras Publicas (DTOP)

  • Puerto Rico consumes a thousand million gallons of gasoline per year. This represents 8% of our total energy demand, when the average gasoline consumption around the world is 2%.

    Source: Agencia Federal de Protección Ambiental

  • In urban areas, the automobile is the most contaminating mode of transportation.

    Source: Agencia Federal de Protección Ambiental

  • The contribution of each Puerto Rican to global warming and climate change is 230% more than the average per person throughout the world.

    Source: Consejo para el Avance en Puerto Rico de la Innovación y la Investigación Cientifica (CAPRI)
Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: NARA/EPA via pingnews