Burn it up at Crash Boat Beach

burn it up 2008Primera Hora and Coor's Light are teaming up to bring "burn it up 2008" to Aguadilla. On Sunday, July 20th, Crash Boat Beach will be bumping to one of the most exciting events I've heard of yet for this newly started summer. The party starts at 11:00 a.m. and is scheduled to conclude at 6:00 p.m., but I'm sure the partying goes on well past that.

Featuring a full line-up of top artists, "burn it up" will also feature kiosks, games, gifts, and, wait for it, many surprises. In an environment of maximum security, the event offers something for everyone.

burn it up 2008

The line-up of artists for "burn it up 2008" includes:

  • Cultura Profética
  • Melina Leon
  • Limite 21
  • Cheka
  • Zorro Viejo
  • Los Jetzons
  • Baby Rasta & Gringo.
Coolers are not permitted inside the event and neither are glass bottles. Hmm, if you can;t take a cooler, how are you going to take anything that you would want to drink cold. I don;t know too many Puerto Ricans who are into the whole room temperature beer thing the Germans love so much. Anyway, for more information call (787) 255-1489. The event is produced by SparkOf Entertainment Group.