Box Seats for Puerto Rico Islanders Game Tonight

Box Seats for Puerto Rico IslandersWe've been able to score two box ("Palco") tickets to the Puerto Rico Islander game tonight against the Minnesota Thunder. We're going to give away those tickets to one lucky winner. To participate just answer the trivia question I'm about to give. If you answer the trivia question correctly and you are a registered user in Dó, then you will become eligible to win the box seats. You'll have until 1:00 p.m. to submit your answers. At 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, we'll randomly select from all of the eligible participants and award the sweet box seats.

Puerto Rico Islanders Trivia Question

Here is the question, to enter send your answer to info at dondees dot com using the email address you provided when you registered at Dó If you're not already registered, take a quick minute to register here. We'll match your email address up against our database to determine eligibility. Alrighty then, here is your Puerto Rico Islanders triva question:

Question: "The original Islanders soccer team was moved to Houston Texas in the United States, and eventually folded in the year 2000. What was the name of the team after it moved?
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