Boston Kicks Off Summer Tour

Band Boston Starts Summer TourIn probably the coolest thing that has happened here at Dondequiera, it turns out team Don Dees will be attending the upcoming Boston concert at the Choliseo. After I wrote my initial reactions to the announcement of Boston coming to Puerto Rico, I was contacted by the publicist for the band and invited to attend the concert. In exchange for the invitation, I'll be writing a review of the concert.

In the meantime, since I had such a good time catching up on Rush when they came to Puerto Rico and since we were feeling such a positive vibe coming from the band, I decided to follow them on their tour and try to get everyone excited for the local show.

Live at Marina Park

So last Friday night was the debut show for the new line-up of Boston, featuring new lead singer Tommy DeCarlo (whose story is so cool, I'll be sharing his story with you next). The initial concert was at the "The Great Race 2008" in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada as part of the outdoor music festival at Marina Park.

Well it looks like it was a tough initiation concert for DeCarlo. The band took the stage at 10:00 p.m. as the headliner for the festival, but instead of a roaring crowd, it seems that they were met by roaring wind and howling rain. Which can happen in Canada, which has summer for like two days out of the year.

“We had a long delay today and it was not looking like it was going to happen because of the weather,” said Thunder Bay Community Auditorium general manager Bob Halvorsen. However, the show (as they say...) had to go on, said events chairman Tom Speer.

According to an article from the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, since Speer had been on the site all day long, he did not know how many tickets had been sold, but he did say it was “lots” when asked. He also noted that none of the equipment was damaged by the rain, which I'm sure was a big relief to the band.

I've been unsuccessful in finding any reviews of the concert or the following night's show in Winnipeg, Manitoba (I've only been to Canada once in Toronto, but it facinates and intrigues me. With it's strong native indian cultural heritage it shares a lot with Puerto Rico). So as they head south through the U.S. of A., hopefully I'll be able to share more about how the tour is going.