Who's the evolved one?

Hmmm... is that worth less juice?In the past I've been critical of the importance society places on music awards, and while we're at it let's throw movie and television award shows as well, oh yeah and let's not forget the chart topping programs American Idol and Objetivo Fama. As many might respond, well music, in particular, is so universal, so emotional, so much larger than life it's only natural that we give it so much attention. I'd say, that is so much a load of horse crap. According to new research, maybe we just can't help ourselves. Maybe, we're not much better than monkeys who would rather look at pictures of female monkey butts than get more of their favorite juice.

Well, I for one am not willing to give up any of my favorite juice to look at female monkey butts. I prefer to find my pictures of female monkey butts for free on the Internet. No, wait a minute. That's not what I mean. What I mean to say is, and let me be perfectly clear, is that as a society I believe we are better than having our primal desires satisfied by looking at female monkey butts. Not that I'm saying that there is anything wrong with looking at monkey butts, some of my best friends enjoy it every now and then. I'm just saying that we are more evolved and should aspire to more lofty pursuits.

For this I commend El Nuevo Dia and their "El Nuevo Dia Educador" awards program. Recently they announced the 2008 recipients for their program. 325 candidates were nominated for the sixteen prizes, eight first prizes and eight second (honorable mention) prizes. The first place winners received a $4,000 scholarship, a statue, two round trip tickets to any destination in the United States, and a medal. The honorable mention winners received a $1,000 scholarship, two round trip tickets to any destination in the United States, and a certificate. I also commend the sponsors for these prizes American Airlines, Fundación Muñoz Bermúdez, Amgen, and the Fundación Comunitaria.

Let's all take a moment to congratulate this year's winners listed below:

  • Spanish: Ángel Yamil Ortiz Torres; Escuela Nicolás Sevilla Guemárez in Toa Alta
  • Social Studies: Sashmarie Z. Rivera López; Carvin School in Carolina.
  • English: Ana María Hernández Rosa; Escuela Eugenio María de Hostos in Mayagüez,
  • Art: Johnny Santiago Jaime; Escuela Josefa Vélez-Bauzá in Peñuelas.
  • Science: Carlos E. Muñoz Santiago; Escuela Elvira M. Colón-Negrón in Santa Isabel
  • Health: Carla M. Agosto Ortiz; Escuela Isabel Flores in Juncos
  • Mathematics: Yairanex Román García; Colegio De La Salle in Bayamón
  • Physical Education: Roberto J. Pérez Román; Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Hatillo.
No really, in all seriousness. I didn't intend to make light of this. Sometimes you just have to roll with what inspires. Anyway, I think it sucks that we give all of our money and attention to celebrities, music, television, and movies and such little money and attention to education. I concur completely with my good friend over at Gil The Jenius, and what he has to say about education. While there are a lot of serious problems we, as a society, face, education is the one universal problem that impacts so many of our other ills that if we can't fix education, then our chances of fixing anything else are severely reduced. Without an educated, reasoning, and thinking populace we'll never get over our fascination with monkey butts. And I, for one, will not give up anymore of my juice for monkey butts. Good day, sir!

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5 de mayo de 2008, 20:03
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