Univision Doesn't Get YouTube

UnivisionRecently the keynote speaker for the 2008 SME Internet Forum, Alfonso Luna, Director of Marketing for Latin American Division of Google, went to great efforts to illustrate how powerful YouTube was as a marketing tool, literally unmatched by any other tool on the Internet. How right he is. Check out this review I wrote about the event.

Number of Online Videos Viewed in the U.S. Jumps 13% Percent in March to 11.5 Billion

According to the most recent report by comScore Video Metrix, the number of videos watched on YouTube is nearly the triple the rest of the top ten sites combined. 38% of all videos watched during March 2008 are hosted on YouTube, that brings the total videos watched in one month to 4,358,306.

Univision announces video on demand offering

So while Univision does recognize that video over the Internet is a big deal, they are both late to the party, and second misguided. They are hoping that by launching, as they claim, "the most extensive library of Spanish-language content in the U.S.", they are hoping to siphon off some of the YouTube traffic to Univision.com.

I see this time and time again. Instead of going were the momentum is, they want to swim against the current and try to get the Internet community to stop using YouTube. Unless, that is, they basically duplicate their efforts and create a Univsion channel on YouTube and publish all of their content their as well, which is what I would do. In addition, they need to come out with a very sophisticated solution. One which integrates effortlessly with MySpace and FaceBook, because if they don't, it's not going to be very pretty when the project manager tries to explain why the number of video views for the new service isn't rising as they expected.