Things to come...

Hapi! Hapi! Joy! Joy!I really got to tell you. Occasionally, and far too often for my taste, you get a real sense that we are totally screwed. I'm not talking about oh that will be bad kind of screwed; I'm talking about biblical wailing and gnashing of teeth kind of screwed. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

One of our favorite things to do in the analysis business is to take a current event, blow it all out of proportion, misconstrue the conclusions, and then claim that the sky is falling. It's what we call a normal day. And by all means, do NOT try this home. I'm a professional, and it's taken me decades of cynicism and a long developed utter lack of faith in humanity to perfect these skills. I'd hate for someone to get hurt!

Where is this headed?

As the 2008 academic year winds down, the time to look to the next year is upon us. This is a special time for casa Don Dees because my oldest daughter will be graduating from the 8th grade and be joining the high schools ranks. For some this is a nervous transition, filled with self-doubt and trepidation. For others it's not even a big deal at all, as they merely move on to the next stage of their lives without a second thought. For my daughter it appears to be a time where she'll try to distinguish her self from her classmates.

With the 2009 academic year, my daughter will become the Treasurer for the student body. Back in my day, obtaining a position within student government bestowed upon the occupant a certain set of stereotypes. First, they were most likely one of the more popular, or accomplished students in the school. Second, due to their participation, they were also typically seen as a small set of students that were, as it was once called, "most likely to succeed" (whatever that means). In addition, it usually meant that those students were a little more loyal and faithful to the school, for they were willing to sacrifice some of their free time to help the school be a better place; they were willing to serve others, putting the needs of the student body above their free time.

So how did my 9th grade daughter obtain this position? She decided she wanted to do it. She collected 50 signatures. She gave a very short speech in front of the student body. And then the students elected her as Treasurer. Simple, right? Was she amazing popular, no, not really. Is she an amazing student? Well, she's smart and always willing or lend a hand, but not really that exceptional. So how did she do it? She was elected Treasurer because she was the only candidate. You say, well sure. No one wants to be Treasurer. It has none of the glamor or power of being President or Vice-President, but all the work. The only position which sucks more is Secretary. Well, guess what? There was only one candidate to become President as well.

Is it just me, or didn't there used to be more interest in student government and weren't there more students who wanted to participate and hold one of the offices? Does the lack of interest in student government in my daughter's school mean anything? Are other schools witnessing a similar level of dis-interest?

Uuuhh, yeah!Ahhh.....this is the end!

I've been loosely connected with one of the local university campuses for the past four years, and I'm convinced there exists a general malaise within most of our children. It emerges in high school and fully develops in college. What are the symptoms? Well they don't seem interested in preparing for the future. They don't even seem able to communicate why they're not interested in the future.

If it doesn't have to do with reggaeton or sex, most kids just aren't interested. And while I was no different, well for me it was rock and roll, today there is something else. I knew that while I was out partying and chasing girls, there were at least some loyal and committed kids who were interested in their peers and their future. Pretty soon, the kids today will not have anyone to rely on while they go out to party! What is Puerto Rico coming to? I mean somebody has to keep things running while the populous enjoys them self?

Young, drunk, and aimless in the streetsBut seriously, what will happen to Puerto Rico when no one wants to be serve each other? What will happen when our children no longer care about what happens to themselves or their future? I'll tell you what, that's when everybody gets out of Dodge. my friends. Because while I jest, everyone has to care about the future. If you don't care about the future, it means that you have no hope. Without hope, there is no future. Without hope for the future, what's the point in anything?

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