Skin Cancer Protection with Walgreens

Don't forget the sunscreenOn May 31st, Día del la Protección Solar, Walgreens and Coppertone are joining the American Cancer Society to help protect you against skin cancer. Now that summer time is here, we'll all be out in the sun more. I urge you to remember how powerful the sun is in Puerto Rico, and protect you and your loved ones.

Did you know?

Did you know that every year in Puerto Rico, there are around 10,000 cases of skin cancer reported? Even if your skin is already tanned or dark, you can still get skin cancer. Not burning is not the same as protecting yourself against skin cancer. While the powerful ultaviolet (UV) rays may not burn your skin, the radiation those rays contain still penetrate the skin and can potentially cause skin cancer.

Join up!

Between the months of May, through September, for every Coppertone sun screen product purchased from Walgreen's, they will donate $0.25 to the American Cancer Society in Puerto Rico. So if you're headed to Balneario Punta Salinas, and you need to buy some sun screen anyway, why not help fight skin cancer at the same time?

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: BohPhoto