Revive la Musica is accepting applications

Revive la MusicaDoes your school, organization, or community have a program to teach children how to play musical instruments? If so, you might be able to qualify to receive newly restored instruments to continue your efforts. The "Revive la Musica" program, which was started some two years ago by the Fundación Luis A. Ferré, Fundación Banco Popular, and Villa Music, is currently accepting applications to award musical instruments to deserving programs. The musical instruments are the result of a campaign during 2007 to collect un-used instruments, refurbish them, and then donate them to programs that support teaching music.

They will be accepting applications until May 11th, so you'd better hurry if you want your application considered. The application is available at the "Revive la Musica" web site. The application contains the eligibility rules, so before applying make sure your organization qualifies. Don't get confused if you see outdated information on the web site and the application, apparently the coordinators of the web site believe that it will be automagically get updated without any effort on their part. Hmm, go figure....

The applications will be evaluated by a committee and selections will be made by the need and by the availability of the instruments. The groups selected to receive instruments will be notified in late May, and the instruments will be delivered in August.

If you have an instrument hanging around in your house that you could part with, the "Revive la Musica" organization is always accepting donations. To donate an instrument, call (787)722-7388 or (787) 793-4040.