Results from E-Waste Recycling

Recently I mentioned that the Autoridad de Desperdicios Solidos (ADS) sponsored a technology recycling event. Well they've released the results from that event, and from all accounts it seems like it was pretty successful.

According to a representative of the ADS, 105,629 pounds (52.8 tons) of electronic waste was collected, or as we say in the industry a lot of reasons to go out and buy new computers. Javier Quintana Ménendez, Executive Director of the ADS, explained "We succeeded in diverting these items from our landfills. Electronic waste contains heavy metals (yeahhh!!!) and toxins that can contaminate our bodies of water."

Some of the equipment that was recycled included: computers and computer peripherals, uninterruptable power systems, printers, radios, dead iPods, and video game consoles.