Puerto Rico Capitals Soccer

Puerto Rico Capitals FCIt's interesting when entrepreneurs, investors, and marketers look at an opportunity, and see something others don't. Then despite nay sayers, they remain passionate about the opportunity, persevere, remain committed, and ultimately emerge successful. Two such examples in recent Puerto Rican business history are Starbucks and Soccer. We here at DóndeEs.com hope that we fit into that group as well, time and you will only tell.

Many said Starbucks would never take off here. Who is going to pay those astronomical coffee prices when most people are used to paying panaderia prices for coffee. With 25 stores and growing, I think we know who was wrong about that initial perception.

Well another similar story applies to soccer. As I understand it, when the initial team of investors, management, and marketers came together for the Puerto Rico Islanders, many said that Puerto Ricans would never accept soccer (or football as the rest of the world calls it). Once again, we know who was right, and as further proof, this weekend, the Puerto Rico Capitals will inaugurate the first professional women's soccer team in Puerto Rico.

The inaugural match will take place this Saturday, May 24th at 6:00 p.m., against the FC Thomasville Dragons. The match will take place in the Estadio Solá Morales in Cauguas, which as is the case for the Puerto Rico Islanders will be converted into a soccer field for the game. The inaugural match will be free of charge and will be broadcast on PRTN Channel 22.

Introducing the Puerto Rico Capitals

The Puerto Rico Capitals FC will join the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) for the 2008 season, and are the first team outside the mainland US to play in the league. The club will begin operations with a senior WPSL team and later add a junior U-17 developmental squad. Dedicated to the long-term development of girls and women's soccer in Puerto Rico, the Capitals plan to field rosters that highlight Puerto Rican natives and players of Puerto Rican heritage.

The Capitals will return to to play again in Caguas, when they host the Orlando Falcons on Sunday, June 8th, For a complete schedule for the Capitals, check here.