Parques Nacionales Invests $20 Million

Sun Bay ViequesIn many ways, the National Parks Company (La Compañia de Parques Nacionales) is the ugly step sister to the Tourism Company (La Compañia de Turismo). I say ugly sister because the National Parks Company works very hard to promote tourism for the island, but receives only a small fraction of the attention, press, and credit for the success of the tourism industry in Puerto Rico.

Well according to a recent study conducted by Estudios Técnicos, the National Park System generates approximately $94.5 million annually for the local economy and provides more than 1,000 jobs. The top two park properties generating the biggest impact are the Centro Vacacional Boquerón in Cabo Rojo ($10.1 million annually) and the Zoológico Dr. Juan A. Rivero Cubano in Mayaguez ($7 million annually). In today's economy I believe that represents a significant contribution and therefore a bit more respect. Well the good news, is that they are not going to be resting on their laurels.

La Compañia de Parques Nacionales (CPN) has announced that they will be investing $20 million in 2008. The investments are split between opening new properties and improving existing properties. If you would like to familiarize yourself with all of their existing properties, then I'd invite you to visit our exclusive map we built for Parques Nacionales. First let's introduce the new properties.

Parque Nacional Laguna Condado

In August, the CPN plans to open a new park on two acres of land surrounding the Condado Lagoon. The new facility will offer gazebos, kayak and row boat rental, concession stands, and a building that will serve as a center for marketing and reservations for the CPN.

Parque Nacional del Karso

With over 3,800 acres in the Rio Tanamá Valley, this new park will be located in Arecibo, Hatillo, and Utuado. This land was previously a tobacco farm, and the CPN has indicated that they are already in the process of declaring the land officially a national park.

Villas del Sun Bay

Finally, in the first construction of a center for vacation in 38 years, the CPN will invest $10 million in the construction of 50 villas on the grounds of Sun Bay beach. Each villa is planned to sleep six persons and is expected to cost $109 per night, which is the standard rate for any of the villa rentals in any one of the CPN's vacation centers. The construction, which already has all of the permissions for the development, is expected to be completed in two years.


As mentioned above, the CPN also plans on renovating three of their existing vacation centers. First, he CPN will be investing $2 million in their top producer, the Vacation Center Boquerón in Cabo Rojo. In total the vacation center has 335 villas and cabañas. In addition, the CPN will also be investing $700K in renovating the 24 cabañas in the Vacation Center Monte del Estado in Maricao. They will also be investing $3 million in renovating the beach and Vacation Center Punta Guilarte in Arroyo. And in two final investments, the CPN will be renovating the camping grounds ar Cerro Gordo to the tune of $2.5 million and they will also be investing a cool million in renovating the collection of animals in the Zoo in Mayagüez as well as building a new veterinarian clinic. I hope they mean they'll be buying some new animals or mating them, and not conducting like genetic mutation experiments to create new animals. I'd hate to see it become the Zoológico Dr. Moreau. On the other hand that would surely pack'em in. Hmm....

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