Math Olympics Results from Mayagüez

Fractals are cool math!From the category, of things I'd like to see more of, as expressed yesterday, I wanted to share with everyone the results of the Olimpiadas Matemáticas de Puerto Rico, which concluded recently at the Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Mayagüez (RUM). What a magnificent effort, which not only encourages students to excel in mathematics, but also provides math teachers with tools to help talented math students.

The competition started back in November when 5,000 students started the process of taking exams. The Olympics continued through two more phases of exams and concluded with the students with the highest point totals attending the 7mo Campamento de Verano para Estudiantes Talentosos en Matemáticas, which was held last weekend. During the camp, winners of the gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to 32 students.

The gold medal winners, that will represent Puerto Rico in international math competition, are:

  • Mariangel Rivera Faría, 4to grado de Cupeyville School;
  • Juan José Jiménez Lizardi, 5to grado de Cupeyville School;
  • Verónica Jardón Salas, 6to. Grado Colegio Marista;
  • Diego Huyke Villeneuve, 7mo grado Cupeyville School;
  • Caterina Colón Oyola, Cupeyville School;
  • Alan Wagner Rodríguez, 10mo de Baldwin School of Puerto Rico;
  • Sara Rodríguez Martínez, 11mo. del Colegio Espíritu Santo;
  • Eduardo Pérez Torres, 12mo de Caribbean School en Ponce.
Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: fdecomite