MAP@PLAZA events supporting the new "El Pop Art" exhibition

Marilyn 1967This month, the Museo de Arte de Ponce extension in Plaza Las Americas has a full program of activities to compliment the new Pop Art exhibition. The activities include educational activities aimed at children, students, adults, teachers, and families, as well as documentary screenings and lectures. Most of these activities are covered in the standard museum admission price of $5.00 + IVU for adults and $2.50 + IVU for children.

In addition, they are offering two free lectures. The first is this Wednesday. They are offering a free lecture in commemoration of Education Week. The lecture will explore the significance of comics and caricature and their relation to pop art. The second lecture will celebrate International Museum Day. The talk will explore the question "What is a museum and what is its impact on society?"In addition to the talk, this free activity will include art workshops feature a viewing of the documentary "Artists of the 20th Century: Andy Warhol."

Here, extracted from Dó, is a complete list of the program of activities:

Dia del estudiante y al maestro
Entrada: Libre de costo para estudiantes y maestros
cuando: 5/7/2008
Programa escolar: ¡Me Encanto el arte!
Entrada: Grupos (maximo 25 estudiantes) $75.00 + IVU
cuando: 5/8/2008
Taller de apreciación de arte
Entrada: Admisión al museo
cuando: 5/9/2008
Programa escolar: La historia a través del arte
Entrada: Grupos (maximo 50 estudiantes) $150.00 + IVU
cuando: 5/13/2008
Taller de apreciación de arte: Colores Pop
Entrada: Admisión al museo
cuando: 5/17/2008
Dia Internacional de los Museos: Los Museos como agentes de cambio y desarrollo social
Entrada: Libre de costo
cuando: 5/18/2008
Artista del Dia: Andy Warhol
Entrada: Admisión general al museo
cuando: 5/21/2008
Soy de los 60
Entrada: $7.00 + IVU; socios del museo: $4.00 + IVU
cuando: 5/23/2008
Pop art para la familia
Entrada: $30.00 + IVU
cuando: 5/21/2008 - 5/25/2008
Introducción al Pop art
Entrada: $8.00 + IVU; socios del museo: $4.00 + IVU
cuando: 5/28/2008
Artists of the 20th century
Entrada: Admisión general al museo
cuando: 5/29/2008

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