Map of Starbucks in Puerto RIco

While Starbucks Coffee Company is defending itself from right-wing Christian groups (more on that in the next post), their march toward total coffee dominance in Puerto Rico remains strong. In commemoration of their complete assimilation of the Puerto Rican coffee drinker we thought we'd help you all feed your habit. How? Well, we're happy to announce the availability of a map of Starbucks in Puerto Rico in our interactive maps section in Dó

Map of Starbucks in Puerto Rico

One thing that jumps out at you right away when you look at the map is, and I'm sure the folks in Arecibo, Ponce or Mayaguëz would agree, is when will the Starbucks invasion spread south and/or west?

To be honest, at this time we're missing two locations, so if you happen to know where they are situated, and would like to help us out, then head over to the Add a Business feature, and try out the new skills you learned in the recent how-to add a business post. The two we are missing are Plaza Escorial Village and Plaza Alta. In the meantime enjoy the new map, and by all means, now that summer is here you have permission to switch to Iced Brewed Coffee drinks. It's hot out there! Or try the new Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice + Energy, if you're really dragging.