Krispy Kreme Zombie Fever Grips Puerto Rico

Krispy Kreme ZombiesMi Gente, you are not going to believe what I'm going to share with you now. Let's see, the grand opening of the Krispy Kreme was on May 6th, We are now on May 22nd, that makes two weeks and counting. You'd think that the original excitement from that first day would have subsided by now. Well you'd be wrong, be prepared to wait a n insanely long time for doughnuts, wrong.

We all remember the insane donut zombie craziness that took place on the very first day, right. Well, I want you to all know that the demand for a taste of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts is still very high. How high? Well at any given time you're likely to find a line of cars waiting to get into the drive through ranging from 20 to maybe 50 cars. We happened to drive by WalMart last night around 8:00 p.m., and the line for the Krispy Kreme drive through reached all the way around the block and out onto Rafael Cordero, I'd say easily 50 cars full of donut zombies.

Well, I've been jonesing for a few more of those sweet golden treats (OMG maybe I'm going zombie...), so I composed a plan. I'd go to the store very early in the morning, when they first open and I'd slip in and slip out. No fuss, mo muss. Well you know what they say about well laid plans. One of my daughters was curious to see what was so special about Krispy Kreme, so she asked to go. I woke her up early and we set out at 5:40 a.m., for a 6:00 a.m. opening. When we walked up to the front door, there were already 20 zombies in line. AT 6:00 IN THE FREAKING MORNING! There was also about 25 cars already queued up for the drive as well.

But I think I got it figured out now. If you want to get your hands on some of the most sought after doughnuts ever in Puerto Rico, get there around 6:30. By then the initial line has already been served and the drive through was already down to a more reasonable 5 or 6. However, if you wait much after that, well, take a book to read or some good zombie friends to chat with, because you'll be there for a while.

More Dondequiera SEO Power

Real quick I noticed when writing this that a Google search for "Krispy Kreme Puerto Rico" places Dondequiera in second position. Only their main corporate site out ranks us. And what of the local Krispy Kreme site? Well because it is Adobe Flash, it is invisible to the spiders and robots, so it is therefore invisible to search engines. To be fair though, this time our results in Yahoo and Microsoft are not nearly as good.

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26 de mayo de 2008, 10:09
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Thanks for all the SEO info you have sharing. I used to compare SEOs to spammers but lately I am starting to realize the value. I am amazed most PR firms and many web developer companies don't have SEO specialists.

MC Don Dees

27 de mayo de 2008, 20:49
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In most ad agencies in the U.S, they even have a team which monitors and works on search engine marketing, something which is unheard of here in Puerto Rico.

SEO is da bomb. It is what every web site owner should be focused on. I certainly don't want to turn this into one of a million blogs about blogging. But we want to share stuff with people we know are reading, maybe some of it will sink in.

So, as always, thanks for reading, and more importantly sharing.