Inflalandia - A Case Study

Recently when I was doing some research for the SME Puerto Rico Internet Forum, I discovered that if you searched for "Puerto Rico Internet Forum", Dondequiera was the number one result. Now this is nothing unusual, as it has happened with other blog posts in the past. In fact, most of the stuff we blog about ends up doing pretty well in Google searches. You're like so what, right? Well hang in there I'll tell you what!

Now this is something that we consistently tell people, but we mostly get a lot of shaking heads saying yes, yes, yes we get it. But for me, they don't really get it, otherwise more exciting things would be happening for not only us but for Internet innovation in Puerto Rico and more importantly more companies would be changing the way they use the Internet for marketing. That is, if they really go it. You get it?

Really, really, why is this important?

So let's be blunt here, to drive this point home. The SME just hosted an event which I'm sure they spent quite a lot of money to promote, but when searching for the title of the event in Google, Dondequiera is the number one result. We even place higher than the SME Internet Committee web site for the event, the official site for the event!

And it's not like there isn't information out there on the event. Here are a few I found from sites which supposedly have more traffic than us:

My point is this, after seeing the web sites that were nominated for the Internet integration WebAd Awards (Best Internet Integration on a 360° campaign, Best integration of the Internet in a public relations or non-profit campaign, Best integration of the Internet in a promotional campaign), shouldn't more companies be talking to us? If we can consistently deliver top search results for their campaigns, I would think that they would want Dó to be part of their next campaign involving Internet integration.

The Test

So this morning when I was researching the Inflalandia event, I decided that I would put this concept to the test. I've captured the results in the image below of a Google search for "Inflalandia", now I'll be monitoring the same search over the next couple of days to see if Dó becomes the number one result. I like this test because the name of the event is already in Spanish (I was afraid that a translation of the Internet Forum would dilute results), so it won't be translated. On the other hand, I think it will be rather easy for us to be the first results because none of the larger web sites will provide any coverage of the event before hand. That is, not unless it is in the form of an advertisement.

Which makes me think, one down side to advertising in print mediums is that the ads are not usually posted on-line. While an article in the newspaper may find it's way onto the Internet, companies usually don't pay to have those ads posted online too. And if they did, they would be in the form of a Flash movie or image, which wouldn't be indexed by the search engines anyway.

Google Search Results for Inflalandia - Before (May 16,2008 at 8:00 a.m.)

Google Search Results for Inflalandia

So now all we have to do is wait for the robots and spiders to come...

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