Inflalandia - Case Study Update

For those of you starting with this post, this is a continuation of a couple of posts I did last week. While the initial post about the upcoming Inflalandia event at the Puerto Rico Convention Center was informative in nature, the second proposed a test. The test was to see how well Dondequiera would do in the search engines for the the term Inflalandia once the post had been indexed by the search robots and spiders. If you want to catch up, check for those posts here and here.

Google Results for Inflalandia

The preliminary results are in, and we were successfully able to jump up onto the first page of search results for Inflalandia on Google. However, we aren't number 1. We're showing up at positions nine and ten. Which in terms of search engine optimization to go from zero to the first page of search results in a matter of days is golden, but it could be better.

Yahoo Results for Inflalandia

I'm even happier to report that on Yahoo search, we rock. Yep, we are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers, because we have the top search results when searching for Inflalandia.

Microsoft Live Results for Inflalandia

We're also number one over at Microsoft's Live search, although, I'm not too happy about the links they provide for the results. I'll have to confess here that since Google reportedly receives about 70% of all searches we tend to focus on them, so there may be some tweaking we have to do to get better URLs associated with the Live search results.

All in all, I'd say that this case study proves my point. When we blog, the search engines listen and consistently rank our pages very high when using their magic secret sauce search ranking algorithms. Conclusion: we have a high probability of delivering Internet searchers to content appearing in this blog.

Psst! This little blog post is another attempt to increase our results on Google. But don't tell anyone... But seriously, later this week I'll share with you other bloggers some of the things we've done to achieve these results. And I promise I won't mention Inflalandia.



21 de mayo de 2008, 08:17
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I'd be interested to see how you get good results on Yahoo and MSN, as my site always struggles with them.

With Google, my blog posts appear for a day or so, then vanish, then appear again after a week or so - which is a bit annoying.
But I find my results with google to be pretty good