How-to: Add a New Location to Dó

With all of the changes in the new web design, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the key functionality in the web site and share some quick "how-to" guides. This will be a series of four posts that will show how-to add a new business to the Dó Visual Directory, how-to rate a location, how-to add an event for a location, and how-to search effectively.

How-to Add a Business

So we'll start with how-to add a new business; which, right from the start, doesn't even really have to be a business. It can be any kind of location and belong to any of the many categories we already have pre-defined in the database.

  1. The first step is that you have to know where the business is located, that you want to add on the map. Simple right? Just remember that when you go to add it, you'll be looking at the map (or satellite image) from a perspective your'Image 1e probably not too familiar with, the sky. If you're not absolutely certain you can find it, then make sure you can find some guides that can help you. For instance, primary roads, large structures or landmarks that you can easily identify in satellite mode. Ready? then let's begin.

  2. Click on the "AÑADA SU NEGOCIO GRATIS" link that is at the top of the browser window. You should get a new web page with "PASO 1" on it (Image 1).

  3. Image 2Click on the pull-down menu "Escoge ciudad de negocio:" and select the city, or area, where the location is closest (Image 2). The web page will pull up the satellite map for that city and center it over the area.

  4. Before you can start using the controls to move the map, you need to close the highlighted orange window (see Image 2) that is used to direct your attention to the controls you'll need to use to change the map.

  5. You'll now need to find the general area on the map where the business is, and then zoom in to locate the exact building you are looking for. But let's review how to do that:

    Image 3
    1. Moving the map: Click on any of the any of the arrows at the top left corner of the map (Image 3). These arrows will pan the map up, right, down, and left. The square in the center of the arrows will return the map to the last position before panning.
    2. Dragging the map: To move around on the map, you click on the map and hold down the left mouse button. As soon as you click and hold the mouse button, the cursor will change into a four arrowed cross. As long as you can see the four arrowed cursor, you're in drag mode. If you let go of the mouse button, the cursor will change back into your standard cursor. Repeat the process toImage 4 continue dragging the map.
    3. Placing a marker: Click on the map and immediately release the button. This will place the marker on the map, where the tip of your cursor was pointing. If you are trying to drag the map, and you keep placing markers, you are not holding the mouse button down while you move the cursor.
    4. Remove a marker: Click on the "Borrar Marcador" button on the top of the map.
    5. Zooming in and out: To get more details on the map, zoom in by by clicking on the arrow at the top of slider bar (Image 4) on the left hand side of the map. To get less detail on the map, zoom out by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the slider bar. Tip: When you zoom in, the map (the center) tends to move down and to the right, so while zooming in, adjust the center to keep it focused on your business.

  6. Image 5Once you have located your business, place the marker (Image 5) by clicking on the map. A marker should appear over your business.

  7. Click on the marker and a web form will appear inside the bubble (Image 5) for that business. Within the web form, you will need to complete the following fields:

    1. Nombre de negocio: Add the name of the business. If the business is part of a chain with different locations, then put a "- street, location, or city" after the name. For example, Starbucks - Plaza Caparra. Do NOT use the apostrophe character in the name.
    2. Categoria: Chose a main category from the pull down list. After selecting a main category, a pull-down list for a sub-category will appear. Select a sub-category from the list. If you do not find a sub-category that you feel best describes this business, then select "Sugerir". Then a text box will appear where you can suggest a new sub-category.
    3. Descripción de negocio: Enter a description of the business. Remember that this description will be used within the search feature on Dó, so be sure to include the most important keywords that you think people will use to search for the business. You have up to 200 characters for the description. A counter is provided to keep track of the length of your description.
    4. Dirección: Enter the physical address for the business. You have up to three lines for the address,
    5. Ciudad: The city will already be filled in by the selection you made for "Escoge ciudad de negocio:". If you think this is incorrect for your business, select another city from the web form pull-down list.
    6. Código Postal: If known, enter the 5 digit zip code.
    7. Número de teléfono: Enter the phone number without any formatting. For example, 7871234567.
    8. Su nombre: Enter a name, this will only be used to address the confirmation email.
    9. Su email: Enter your email address. This address will receive a confirmation message upon completion of the web form. It is critical that the address is for an account that you have access. This is NOT the email address for the business.

  8. If you are satisfied with your entries, then click on the "Someter" button. Please remember to proof read the entry form before clicking on "Someter." You should receive the following message:
    Gracias por la información del negocio.
    Un email se le envio para cotejar la validez de la información. Luego de usted validar el email un representante verificará la información.

    Gracias de nuevo.
    Equipo de
  9. Check the email account you entered on the web form. You should have a message from " ", with the title "Activación de negocio." If you don't see the message, be sure to check your spam folder. Open the message.
  10. Within the message, look for the link provided, click on the link and a new window or tab should open. As an example of the link (the ##### will contain the reference number for the location):
    Para concluir con el proceso de añadir su negocio a nuestra página
    favor de hacer clic en el enlace:
  11. The new window will display the following message very briefly, and then go to the Dó home page.
    Gracias por confirmar su email. Un representante de estará verificando la información. En unos segundos esta página cambiara automaticamente a la página inicial. De no suceder favor de hacer clic aqui.
  12. That completes the process. However, the location will not yet appear within Dó At this point the Dó team will jump into action and validate the information provided. Once confirmed, they will activate the location and it will then be visible and searchable within Dó
Tips and Pointers

In this section I'll provide a few tips and pointers that will simplify or reduce the time or errors to enter a location. Be sure to check these out before trying to add your first location.
  • Depending on how quickly you find and mark your business, once you start entering the form, the entire process should only take about between 30 seconds to a minute. Depending on how quickly you type.
  • When trying to find your business, don't zoom in immediately. Attempt to find a major road that you can use to navigate to your location. If it's a road you know well you should be able to follow along fairly well. Think of it like you were driving to the location and recall the roads you would use to drive there, then follow that same route on the map until you arrive.
  • Remember that you'll be looking at the location from a bird's eye view. Just imagine looking down on the top of the building or location. Things sometimes look really different from this perspective. Try to find clues to which building is the one you're looking for. For example, parking lots, or street corners, or large buildings that you can use as a base and then figure out the relationship of your business to that base. For example, The fourth building from the corner. It can get real tricky when the roofs of the buildings are all attached and the building holds multiple businesses. Just remember that the map location is an approximation, it should be close, but doesn't have to be exact.
  • If the location is just one building place the marker in the middle of the building.
  • If the building contains multiple businesses, place the marker near the entrance of the business, but still on top of the building.
  • The web form fields that I indicated in red are special. Each of these fields is searched when a user conducts a search on Dó While you select the city and categories from a list, the name and description should be as accurate as possible. Please proof read your entry prior to clicking the "Someter" button. Remember this is how searchers will find the business so think of which keywords people will use to search for the business.
  • At this time a maintenance form is not available, but one is coming soon. So if there are corrections necessary for the business, please email us at info at dondees dot com.
  • Have fun, I've added thousands of locations to the database and I always get a sense of satisfaction when I find a location. I think of it like a game. It's like looking for a hidden prize, so when I find the location I'm looking for, for me, it's like solving a puzzle.