Heineken JazzFest 2008

Heineken JazzFest 2008This year's edition of the much anticipated Heineken JazzFest 2008 is almost here. On May 29th through May 31st Tito Puente Ampitheater will host some of the coolest jazz players in the world, this year the Heineken JazzFest celebrates the music of Andy and Jerry González.

Before turning 20, Jerry was already playing trumpet and congas with Dizzy Gillespie. His brother Andy is one of the the most important Latin bassists in the world today. Put them together and throw in Steve Berrios, Larry Willis, and Joe Ford, and you get the Fort Apache Band, arguably one of the most electrifying ensemble Latin Jazz has ever seen. Well at least according to the website.

For many Jazz fans, perhaps equally anticipated is Pat Methany's first appearance in Puerto Rico. I remember vaguely seeing Pat Methany back in college. He performed in the theater of the university, but we were in the starving college student nose bleed sections, and for "other reasons" I can't say I remember much. If your not familiar with Methany's accomplishments I think you'll be impressed. Give a quick read through his biography over at the Heineken JazzFest website but play this video while you read it to get into the mood.

Pat Methany Trio, "Lone Jack":

This year's line-up and schedule for the three days of jazz is (all events are at Tito Puente Ampitheater):
  • Thursday, May 29th
    • 08:00 Andy González & Rumbajazz
    • 09:30 Dave Valentin Quintet
  • Friday, May 30th
    • 08:00 Marco Pignataro with special guest Matt Marvuglio
    • 09:30 Ahmad Jamal
    • 11:00 Jerry González Y Los Pirates del Flamenco
  • Saturday, May 31st
    • 08:00 Pat Methany Trio with Christian McBride & Antonio Sánchez
    • 10:00 Jerry González & The Fort Apache Band
Oh, I almost forgot, tickets are for sale through TicketPop, Thursday and Friday night's show is $30. The grand finale on Saturday will set you back $45. That excludes IVU and service charges.