Grand Opening = Grand Success

Ughhh, sugar hangoverWell I'm about down from the sugar high I got this morning after over-indulging on Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yes, I was one of the crazy people who lined up this morning to be one of the first people to taste their delicious sweetness here in Puerto Rico. Before I go on, and before I share what the scene was like I just have one thing to say. Somebody owes me some doughnuts.

Believe it or not. The line to buy doughnuts started forming Monday afternoon around 1:00 p.m. and continued growing through the night. So even though the Krispy Kreme management extended the free doughnuts for a year give-away to the first 100 customers instead of the first 50. I was still way too late to get one of the precious free-doughnut cards. Ahh my precious.

I pulled out of the house a little later than I hoped for around 4:49, and was waiting in line by 5:00 a.m. Then after waiting for three hours and as I was nearing the front door they ran out of t-shirts too. So, I got bumkiss. Ahh, that's the breaks when you live in the big city, right. They did give everyone who came in the door a free doughnut, so I guess that's something.

Waiting it out...All in all I'd have to say that it was a very successful grand opening for Krispy Kreme, and I bet the results exceeded their expectations. The whole thing went down, I'd say, without any problems. The crowd was well controlled and everything was very organized. They had a portable large screen television, which was showing Alvin and the Chipmunks as I showed up, and then was used to broadcast the event to everyone throughout the rest of the morning. They also had Reggaeton 94.7 broadcast live from the event. The Despelote crew, Rocky The Kid, Tony Banana and Billy Fourquet entertained the crowd throughout the morning and was even able to successful give-away $1,000 to a lucky member of the crowd. Plenealo was also in the house and kept the crowd bumping.

I'd say, in total about 1,000 people showed up for the grand opening. From the looks the majority were around 20, but there were some older folks, and some families with young babies. With each customer buying about 2 dozen donuts each, I'd say they sold a shitload of doughnuts. It was a really good time, despite having to be standing for a few hours. The weather was comfortable, and the crowd seemed to be in a really good mood. I think only here in Puerto Rico has the Krispy Kreme organization seen anything like what they witnessed this morning. I mean where else in the world would you get so many people lined up at 5:00 in morning, ready to spend their money, moving and shaking to loud music, and generally having a blast?

I hope that Rosana Vázquez Medina doesn't mind, but I snagged the photo above from the "LLega Krispy Kreme a Puerto Rico" Facebook group. And speaking of Facebook, apparently it continues to grow in strength and popularity here in Puerto Rico. That people who were at the event have already posted photographs from the event shows how, that the behavior that Facebook receives is drastically different, and more like the rest of the world, than the any other Web 2.0 application used by Puerto Ricans.

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Did you see El Nuevo Dia's article on it? Apparently some pregnant woman was there waiting for hours, then left to go give birth in a hospital immediately afterwards! I've never heard something so ridiculous. Imagine explaining that to Junior: "Yes, well, my water broke, but I was only two hours from getting my Krispy Kreme t-shirt and a box of donuts so I just held onto you until I got them." Jeez.

Here in the US I don't think I'd even blink if I saw a Krispy Kreme opening. I guess that's the excitement of watching corporations come to la isla. Please tell me you aren't planning on doing the same for the opening of the first Puerto Rican Aeropostale in Plaza Carolina!