Doughnuts! Get your Doughnuts!

Oh yeah baby! You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the grand opening of the Krispy Kreme store in Caguas. Yessiree, on May 6th, the magical sweetness will be ours, and this intrepid reporter will be there to partake in all the goodness.

And as if just going into a sugar induced coma wasn't enough, they've organized a pretty cool grand opening celebration. To start with, the first 50 customers will receive a years supply of doughnuts!. Yes the first 50 customers will earn the righteous gift of a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts each week for a year. In addition they will be giving away presents for the first 300 customers as well. Prizes include doughnuts, T-shirts, and other surprises. There will also be music and balloons for those of us who have to drag our kids out in the morning to try and win those doughnuts.

I guess to make the quest for those doughnuts a little more difficult, they haven't announced at what time the store will open. I've even checked out the lame website they launched. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Flash? And what's up with the redirect to the Futoroe web site? Pathetic. Anyway, I'll be snooping around to try and nail down a time. What I have to ask myself, is if I find out, should I share it and decrease my chances of winning those doughnuts. Hmm, what a moral dilemma...



2 de mayo de 2008, 09:57
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Where in Caguas?

John Henry