Dog tired, but it's alive: a new design for Dó

Dónde Es Que EsAfter months and months of work, and an especially long night, the new Dó and Dondequiera web site designs are complete. We hope that you like them as much as we do. We've really put a lot of thought into making the overall user experience better for the website and the blog.

This effort was the result of an alliance we formed early this year with the marketing gurus at the Marketing Source. With their insight into the Puerto Rico market place plus their understanding of the true value of Dó, they were able to create a powerful brand identity for us. Through their leadership and marketing expertise, we were able to translate that branding into the web designs you now see before you.

Of course, we owe a big thanks to the master "creatives" over at Lorem Ipsum for bringing that brand identity to life. Through their patience and imagination, they were able to merge that brand identity with our vision for Dó and create a web site design that, we feel really communicates what we are all about. Not only that, it makes it easier to access much more of the functionality of Dó; functionality that was previously hidden within the old web site.

I'd like to also acknowledge "Da Man." None of this would ever see the light of day without the extraordinary efforts of my partner, Jose "We don't just talk crap, we make crap happen" Rodriguez. Jose is one of the few programmers I've ever met in my life that can consistently produce reliable, working code that does what it is supposed to. Not only that, he has a burning drive to innovate and, for the benefit of all of our users, improve the usability of our software.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude for everyone who visits the website and our blog. We know that your attention is a precious commodity, and that at any second you are only a click away from giving that attention to someone else. Everything you now see was done for YOU. We want Dó to be as enjoyable and easy to use as possible, and we hope that you feel that it is. In the end, you are our ultimate judge. You'll tell us by your use (or not) of the website, whether we have succeeded in making Dó better. Of course if you'd like to leave a comment and tell us what you think of the new design, we'd be very happy to hear what you think. I'll be sharing much more about the new design and what makes it better than the old site.

Of course, our innovation won't stop here, we still have a long, long way to go. We have a lot of really cool ideas and plans for future improvements, so stick around, I promise you, we are only going to get better and better. Now, it's off to bed for both of us for a much deserved nights rest. Of course, tomorrow it'll be nose back on the grindstone working hard to make Dó better for YOU.




Mis mejores deseos de éxito! Sé que ha sido un camino "interesante"
No sólo José, pero también Kevin han puesto (sacrificado) mucho para llegar a este momento.
Excelente por ambos! "Keep going"!!



Congratulations! It looks amazing!! I'll be sure to spread the page with everyone I can.

Thanks for the link, too. ;)



Well, I would like to thank my mom, dad and wife ... oh, and kids ... joking aside. A lot of this wouldn't have happened if it not had been for the support we've received from a lot of friends and family. Kevin, partner in crime ... "chief pretty words", has always shown a commitment hard to surpass by anyone. And his ability to make my babbling understandable to others just daunts me.

Can't pass by the chance of thanking our good friend Francisco Santana who's just left a post on the blog. He's part of the reason the first design got launched and the guilty one for starting the whole alliance thing between and Marketing Source/Talk2US. Jose, Juan and Tere are part of that marketing group that wants to change the paradigm, thank you for believing :-).

I think this "thank you" script is taking longer than those at the Academy Awards. But, I want to also thank Tere Montes for spreading the word, Gil Schmidt for his interesting pep talks, my brother for saying "that, really sucks" making me reprogram stuff and of course all the loyal visitors ... and a special thanks to Bob, we love you man!