Celebrity Encounter: Eres Tu Juan!

Eres Tu JuanMuch to the amazement and delight of my wife and daughters, we all met the season four winner of Objetivo Fama, Juan the other night. In what can only be described as a dream come true for them, Juan came to our home to play basketball. Well if you consider home, the community where we live.

A little history first. I really, really dislike Ojetivo Fama and American Idol. Oops, did I write that? I thought I was only thinking it. How can a show with 19 losers on it be so popular? Well, just kidding, sort of.

When our neighborhood was built, an agreement was made with the nearest municipality that if they paid for the lights and maintenance of the basketball court, the court would be open to the public.

So once or twice a week a group of young guys come to play basketball in our neighborhood. And I'll have to confess, they are very well behaved. To my knowledge we've never had any type of problems with them; they treat the court as their own and show the proper respect. I guess so much so, that a friend of Juan's who regularly plays there, invited him to come play.

Well word spread fast throughout the neighborhood, and soon a small crowd of adoring fans emerged. So how did Juan react? Well the personae you see of him on television is pretty much the real deal. He stopped playing basketball for a while and politely, and with humility, signed all the autographs and posed for all the pictures his fans asked for.

In a classic Puerto Rican scene, the picture above is Juan talking on some women's telephone to one of her friends proving to the friend that, the woman was, in fact, standing right beside Juan. You know the drill, "No really, he's right here. I'll prove it to you. I'm going to put him on the phone. Tell her you're really Juan, go on tell her!" ¡Viste, te lo dije!