Celebrate 90 years of Tres Monjitas

Tres Monjitas Historic LogosIn cooperation with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the Paradores of Puerto Rico, Tres Monjitas is running a contest to give away 34 vacations. The contest is in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Tres Monjitas, so they decided to give away some nights in local paradores. In addition, they are giving away 90 certificates of $30 in Tres Monjitas products, which at the going rate of inflation on the island pretty soon will probably only cover about a couple gallons of milk.

To participate all you have to do is collect three labels from any of their products, and then write a note with your name, address, and telephone, stuff it all into an envelople and send it to:

Celebra los 90 de las Tres Monjitas
PO Box 366757
San Juan, PR 00936-6757
You can also enroll in the contest by depositing your entry in a booth that will be located in front of Caribbean Cinemas of Plaza Las Américas on Saturdays and Sundays or an urn in front of their Customer Service Center in Plaza del Caribe in Ponce.

The contest will be open until June 30th. The final drawing will be held on July 3rd. Rules for the contest are available on their website.

Tres Monjitas WebSite

And speaking of their website, I found a nice little hidden treasure when I was researching this post. They have a really nice collection of historic photographs. The photographs span the 90 years of Tres Monjitas and feature some really old images. If you want to hear your parents go off on what it was like back when, grab your Mom and watch a few of the slide shows of the images. I'm sure it will bring back for her some fond memories of days gone by, and who knows you might even score a few brownie points with her. Here's one I "borrowed" from the site to peak your interest, good luck! Oh and by the way, before mousing over the image, guess what year this is from, the 1920's, 30's 40's, or 50's:Carro de Reparto 1954