Boston Concert at the Puerto Rico Coliseum?

Boston Debut AlbumWell I guess it's kind of official, I've heard it a couple of times now on Alfa Rock that the legendary classic rock band Boston, will be giving a concert in Puerto Rico. According to the advertisement, Boston will appear in concert at the Puerto Rico Coliseum on August 31st. Snooping around I've confirmed that the band's web site lists Puerto Rico as the last show on the summer tour.

The Good O'le Days

Man, those first two albums from Boston are classics. The self titled debut album and the follow-up Don't Look Back were extremely well written, performed and engineered and back in the day, they were usually on somebodies turntable when we were partying (I mean who hasn't partied to Party):

" Just meet some friends and have a toke or two
In a place where they can never play the music too loud".
Yeah baby, rock and roll! That pretty much describes my mis-spent youth. But I have to confess, I've never seen them in concert. After those first two albums most of the music they produced didn't move me like those first two, so I never really paid much attention after that.

Part of the reason for that was they pretty much lost their mojo after the second album and then between inner fighting and band member changes, never really were the same again. I can remember having opportunities to see them, but I was disinterested because it wasn't the original band line-up. I'm always afraid to go see a group I really like when one of the key members has been replaced. I'm always afraid that they'll be too different and I'll be dis-satisfied.

Is Nostalgia Enough?

I'm going to assume that this concert is being promoted by the same duo of Larry Stein and Jose Dueño, that has brought Iron Maiden, Rush, and Billy Joel to Puerto Rico this year. From what I've heard and seen (Rush), I think these were all very successful concerts. However, I think they've missed their mark this time. While there is some renewed interest in Boston since the ex-lead singer Brad Delp's suicide last year, I really don't think there is going to be that much demand for Boston. With Tom Scholz as the only original member, except for nostalgia, I don't really see what's the point. It's almost like paying top dollar to see a Boston tribute band play in the Choliseo. I guess it will all depend on the pricing of the tickets, if they are dirt cheap, then maybe folks will say what the hey why not, but if they go with average ticket prices, I believe they will cancel the show due to lack of demand.



23 de mayo de 2008, 09:26
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Dear MC Don Dees:

If you read up on your rock history, you may note that for all Tom Scholz wrote the songs, played 99% of the instruments, produced and engineered the material that you admittedly love so much. BOSTON fans in PR can't wait to see BOSTON in concert on August 31st at the Miguel Agrelot- Coliceo de Puerto Rico.

As of this writing, May 23, NO ONE, not even me, has seen the new show. But I am confident this will be one of the great summer tours and everyone will love seeing the way the great songs of BOSTON will be performed. This is the B-E-S-T lineup of BOSTON ever!!!!!!

Contact me through
and we will give you 2 free tickets and you can come to the show and then write a review on your blog!

It's a win win.

Band BOSTON Kicks Off Summer Tour on June 6, 2008
Remastered Greatest Hits CD Release from Sony Legacy

The legendary band BOSTON will headline the outdoor festival at Marina Park on Friday, June 6 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The show kicks off a summer of stadium, concert and festival dates that will span the United States and Canada.

Seasoned Stryper frontman Michael Sweet and new fan phenom Tommy DeCarlo join BOSTON veterans Jeff Neal, Kimberley Dahme, Gary Pihl and of course, Tom Scholz on stage this summer. Gary, the longest reigning member of BOSTON next to Tom, joined the band in 1985 to help complete “Third Stage,” and through his efforts, the band reemerged in 1987 for the Third Stage Tour, which set stadium records across the US.

In the mid-70’s, Tom Scholz withdrew his life’s savings and used it to record several songs which he had written. By the process of overdubbing, Tom played all the instruments except drums, which were played by his friend Jim Masdea, and Brad Delp sang all of the vocal parts. The resulting demos included 4 songs which attracted the attention of three major record labels and two managers. Following completion of two additional demos which included “More Than a Feeling,” Brad and Tom were signed to Epic Records, which released the first album under the name BOSTON in 1976. The album, most of which was recorded by Tom in his basement studio included 5 of the 6 songs embodied on those demo tapes, and became the highest selling debut album of all time.

Many remember where they were when they first heard “More Than a Feeling” or “Hitch a Ride” on the airwaves back in 1976. BOSTON’s self-titled first album has sold over 17 million copies to date, and has seen a resurgence in sales after it was remastered by Scholz, along with their second album, “Don’t Look Back,” in 2006. “Amanda,” from Third Stage in 1986, shot to the top of the charts and held a record-breaking stay at #1, in spite of being the only hit single that year not accompanied by a TV video.

With over 30 million albums sold worldwide, hits like “Peace of Mind,” “Smokin',” and “Rock & Roll Band” are still as ubiquitous on rock and roll radio as they were when they were new. Coinciding with the summer tour is a fully remastered Greatest Hits CD (Sony Legacy.) Lead-off singles from all five BOSTON albums will be included, as well as new photos from throughout the years and liner notes written by Tom Scholz.

BOSTON will be performing many of their classics this summer, including some fan favorites that have not been on the set lists for many years. For complete show itinerary updates, band bios and photos, visit

Peace & Love,
Publicist for BOSTON

MC Don Dees

23 de mayo de 2008, 13:36
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You're right. With an offer like that, who could resist? I accept your offer and challenge. Man, I got to tell you this is a righteous thing to do, and I have to confess your positive vibe is already beginning to change my attitude. I already sent you a message through your web site contact form, so the balls in your court now.