7ma SME - Puerto Rico Internet Forum

Man, I've been staring hard at monitor this morning, trying to solve the mysteries of margins, paddings, divs, and classes, so before I get a pounding headache let me tell you about the 7th annual Puerto Rico Internet Forum being held next week at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

With an expanded Web Awards program, the forum will also feature important speakers and more important than anything sponsorship from your favorite blog and local search web site, DóndeEs.com. We're looking forward to participate in the forum where we will have an exciting announcement. For sure, check back next Wednesday May 14th for that special announcement, but until then, thanks for your attention.

The forum will kick-off at 8:30 a.m., The speakers for the forum are Ing. Alfonso Luna, Marketing Director, Latin America, Google Inc. who will speak on "The New Paradigms of Marketing" and Prof. Rafael Matos from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón will speak on how we can make "Puerto Rico can use technology as a corporate tool". Following the speakers, the SME will present an update to the SME Internet Study and then present the 2008 Web Ad Awards. The forum is schedule to conclude at 12:00 noon. Admission is $65.00+IVU for SME members, $100.00+IVU for non-members, and $34.77 for students. The forum will be in Ballroom "A".